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Tax Advisory Litigation

  • Advisory services, tax compliance services; tax registration, corporate income tax compliance as well as value added tax, withholding tax, pay as you earn, Excise duty, Stamp duty and Social Security (NSSF) Compliance.

  • International tax structuring and advisory; This involves advice on international restructuring, permanent establishment, profit distribution and aspects of international tax planning.

  • Pre-transaction tax liability due diligence in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate re/structuring and General Commercial transactions.

  • Tax objections and Appeals; This involves preparing and defending objections to tax assessments/ decisions from Uganda Revenue Authority, tax litigation before Arbitration tribunals, Tax appeal tribunals and High court and all other levels of appeal.

  • Transfer pricing advisory services that foster compliance with the transfer pricing laws of the Republic of Uganda.

  • Tax compliance audits and health checks; This involves all forms of tax audits by Uganda Revenue Authority including comprehensive audits as well as VAT and transfer pricing audits. Continual assessment and tax compliance through healthy checks.

  • Customs compliance advisory: This involves pre export verification of compliance exemptions, tax treatment applications, import taxes, environment levy and infrastructure levy.

  • Tax Exemptions and incentives in areas such as oil and gas, mining, agriculture among other sectors of the economies. It involves advice on access to free zones, tax incentives and benefits.

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